Inspecting the intricate components inside the computer, communications and consumer electronics devices that connect the modern world

The electronics industry is characterised by rapid product iterations, mass-market dynamics and, of course, the tiny microelectronic components carrying data and power to every computer, smartphone, and appliance. From printed circuit boards and microprocessors, semiconductors and fibre-optic elements, to plastic moulded cases and glass screens, every part must be perfectly formed to guarantee customer satisfaction in this competitive and evolving field.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is active in every area of the electronics industry. Our CAD/CAM software solutions enable electronics companies to design their complex tooling. Our vision and optical sensors sit alongside tactile probing and scanning options to create multisensor coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) capable of both tactile measurement and non-contact dimensional inspection – ideal for the diverse range of parts required in electronics and the only way to measure components too small and fragile for traditional metrology techniques. Our automation-ready equipment and part handling systems provide the inspection speeds required to keep mass-production lines flowing and the electronics industry connecting people.