Non-contact inspection of semiconductor chips and lead frames

Inspection solutions for fast and accurate quality assurance of semiconductor chips and lead frames for electric vehicle power electronics

A semiconductor chip
The rapid development of electronics over the last few decades has seen semiconductors and lead frames become essential components across virtually every industry – automotive in particular. The power electronics required in electric and hybrid vehicles are just one example of how pervasive electronic systems have become to manufactured products in other industries. 

With the volume of electronic components required, manufacturers are increasingly reliant on automated assembly for semiconductors and other similar parts. This brings unique quality assurance challenges as producers of semiconductor components and electronic assemblies in general must inspect extremely large numbers of these filigree structures for dimensional accuracy. But advanced miniaturisation means their microscopically small conductor paths and electronic contacts cannot be verified with conventional test equipment or microscopes. Yet for the economic inspection of larger samples and possibly even 100% inspection, it is essential that all relevant contours can be automatically and comprehensively recorded. 

Hexagon’s multisensor coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) provide both the non-contact sensor technology and large-batch processing options to meet the demands of electronic components inspection and quality assurance. Coupled with the dedicated vision metrology software, they ensure simple part programming yet comprehensive measurement results. 

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