With environmental concerns never greater than today, electro mobility – better known as eMobility – promises a new era for transportation. From mild-hybrid electric vehicles (MHEVs) to all-electric battery electric vehicles (BEVs), electrification offers new potential for sustainable, low-emission transportation. Hexagon is supporting the automotive industry – from OEMs to suppliers and mobility providers – in designing and producing this next travel evolution, with manufacturing technologies equipped for the challenges of ramping up and commercialising eMobility.

Electric Vehicle Batteries

See how Hexagon technology is powering the development of efficient and safe battery units for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Fuel Cells

Explore the challenges in unlocking the potential of hydrogen-powered vehicles and learn how Hexagon’s smart manufacturing technology is supporting their development.

Electric Motors

Learn how Hexagon’s manufacturing technology is supporting the latest developments in electric vehicle motors for eDrive powertrain systems.

Electric Vehicle Power Electronics

Discover how Hexagon supports manufacture of the electric vehicle power electronics controlling functions such as flow of power from the batteries to the motor. 

Electric Vehicle Drivetrains

Find out how Hexagon is supporting eDrive development from design to manufacture with advanced simulation, production and inspection solutions.

eMobility Infrastructure

Explore Hexagon’s touchpoints in helping to develop the eMobility infrastructure, such as charging stations, required to make electric vehicles mainstream.