Upgrades and Retrofits

Revitalise Your Coordinate Measuring Machine

Depending on the machine age and condition, an upgrade or retrofit is an affordable way to extend the life of your coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and potentially boost your machine’s performance for greater productivity.

Your CMM is a durable structure, built to last. Because most machines use air bearing guideways, there is very little wear and tear. When a machine frame is well serviced its life can easily be extended beyond 20 years in some cases. The same cannot be said for certain mechanical and electrical parts, and the system’s software and PC evolve quickly, becoming obsolete after a few years of good operation.

If manufacturers don’t keep up with this evolving technology, their measuring systems might not be yielding the most throughput, accuracy or flexibility available to them. Luckily, there are plenty of cost-effective solutions to revitalise legacy and obsolete systems and enhance performance for greater productivity.

No CMM should be left behind. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your software, add new sensor technology, or implement a more comprehensive upgrade, our engineers can help you identify the best upgrade or retrofit options to optimise your inspections.

What is the difference between a retrofit and an upgrade?

Retrofits and upgrades both aim to extend the service life of measuring systems in a way that is more cost-effective than buying a new CMM.

The key difference is that a retrofit involves replacing the original CNC with a new controller; an upgrade enhances existing components of the machine while keeping the original CNC.

How might you benefit from a retrofit or upgrade?

  • Save money: cut maintenance costs for legacy components that are hard to replace.
  • Save time: reduce CMM downtime by updating components before they reach end-of-life.
  • Drive productivity: add functionalities and enhance system capabilities, potentially shortening inspection programming and cycles via increased automation.
What might an upgrade or retrofit involve?

Upgrades and retrofits are not available as predefined service packages. A CMM comprises several subsystems and the condition of each of them must be carefully evaluated before we propose the best upgrade intervention for that specific machine. Usually, the older the machine the more thorough the upgrade.

Our services range from simple and straightforward upgrade interventions in which we provide new PC and PC peripherals and software (with training included) to a complete retrofit including:
  • PC and PC peripherals
  • Software (with training included)
  • Replacement of CNC system (controller) with the latest technology
  • Next Jogbox (NJB) remote control interface
Depending on the CMM’s age and condition these additional interventions might be necessary:
  • Complete CMM rewiring
  • Motors and Drives will often remain but could be replaced to work with the new system
  • Measuring Scales will normally remain if they are in good working order and successful electronic interface to them can take place, but could be replaced to work with the new system
  • Probing system could be upgraded to a more efficient sensor technology or – when possible – scanning capabilities might be added to a touch trigger CMM
After any upgrade intervention the CMM must meet the original accuracy specification, so a machine calibration will be necessary in most cases.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence can retrofit and upgrade all its CMMs and most other manufacturers’ equipment. For more information and help to find the right retrofit and upgrade services for you, complete the enquiry form below.

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