CoreView STL

Generation of high quality STL models

CoreView STL offers single click generation of high quality STL models based on Hexagon WLS400 measurements.

By cooperating with leading providers, CoreView offers seamless integration with best in class polygon meshing engines. Combining 3D White Light measurement technology with advanced polygon meshing and reverse engineering software, CoreView STL delivers a powerful solution for digitising and modelling parts, assemblies and tools for various industrial applications.

Industry Applications for Polygon Mesh (STL)

  • Material formability and spring back analysis
  • Virtual matching of parts and assemblies
  • Capturing design model changes
  • Stamping die duplication
  • Part reverse engineering for after market
  • Carry over parts or product face lift
  • Competitive breakdown analysis
  • Copy to exact for remanufacturing and maintenance
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Key System Features
  • Stitching and meshing data from large objects
  • Cleaning object surfaces from photogrammetry markers
  • Cleaning non part data using nominal reference
  • Accurate punching closed features into the 3d model
  • Completing polygon mesh (STL) to measured trim lines
  • Detailed geometry tracking and detailing
  • File size optimization based on geometries
  • Automatic functions - no user intervention required


Value and Benefits

  • Single click STL generation – no complex parameter setting
  • Minimizing manual STL post-processing and fine tuning work
  • High quality STL allowing shorter process to achieve CAD grade model
  • Decision support for functional build – saves time by selecting best representing instance for STL generation
  • Reliable generated data traceable to actual 3D metrology results
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