What is the SFx Platform?

The HxGN SFx platform integrates and automates your smart manufacturing processes

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HxGN SFx is a secure industry platform built on open architecture and cloud-native principles that embraces technology from partners and third-party suppliers. Using the SFx platform, manufacturers can integrate, analyse and transform manufacturing data into actionable information, driving increasingly autonomous processes. 

The SFx platform provides the functionality and toolset to digitally capture, access, organise, search and index unstructured and unmanaged data. Coupling this powerful platform with smart manufacturing technologies from throughout the manufacturing lifecycle enables the development of scalable and future-proof solutions that improve quality, productivity and efficiency. Secured by the latest industry-grade security protocols, the SFx platform provides the backbone to your digital transformation strategy.

Smart manufacturing DNA 

Hexagon’s heritage and expertise is in manufacturing data, with digital touchpoints that converge the physical and digital worlds throughout the entire process: from concept to customer. 

As a global leader in manufacturing intelligence, Hexagon connects ever-expanding sources of data – from assets, and operations to development and production systems. By putting this data to work, we connect and accelerate workflows and provide manufacturers with increasingly autonomous processes. 


SFx digital capabilities 

The SFx platform acts as the digital backbone that helps connect and integrate sensors, devices, applications, systems, machines and virtual models, helping create a fuller, richer digital twin and generating immediate real-time insight. These insights can be used to generate actions that improve a business activity or process. 

  • User and site management
  • Collaborative projects
  • Workflows and task automation

Application-and-data-integrationAPPLICATIONS: Application and data integration 
  • Application encapsulation and integration
  • Document management
  • Data integration

Machine-device-and-edge-integrationDEVICES: Machine, device and edge integration 
  • IoT device management
  • IoT hub
  • Real-time event hub, management and notifications

Mobility-visualisation-dashboards-reporting-and-analyticsVISIBILITY: Mobility, visualisation, dashboards, reporting and analytics
  • Mobility services
  • Visualisation 
  • Dashboards, reporting and analytics

Intelligence-and-automationPREDICTIVE POWER AND AUTONOMY: Intelligence and automation 
  • Statistical analytics
  • Engineering
  • AI services