Absolute Arm Compact

The world’s most accurate portable measuring arm

The Absolute Arm Compact is the ultimate solution for ultra-high-accuracy touch probe measurement of small-to-medium sized parts. Fitting easily on a workshop table or under a CNC machine, the Absolute Arm Compact is the height of portability and usability. It boasts the same definitive features as the flagship Absolute Arm, from Absolute Encoders in every articulation joint that eliminate warm-up and referencing to WiFi and battery operation options that allow easy repositioning and no messy cables across the workshop floor.

Built on an integrated base and innovative counterweight balance system, the Absolute Arm Compact is ready to go right out of the box – no warm-up, no waiting, no need to fix it to a work surface – just place it where you need it and start measuring. For quality control that demands fast and extremely accurate measurement, there is simply no better portable measuring arm on the market.

Absolute Arm Compact

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Absolute-Arm-7-axes_Application_Kawasaki_5Probing and Scanning
Specialised for ultra-high-accuracy probing while also compatible with the entry-level HP-L-8.9 Laser Scanner, concentrated multifunctionality is what the Absolute Arm Compact is all about.

Absolute Encoders
The renowned Absolute Encoders placed in every articulated joint of the Absolute Arm Compact make it the only portable measuring arm on the market to completely eliminate encoder referencing and frustrating system warm-up times – vital for measuring in confined spaces, like inside a CNC machining centre.

Advanced Materials
Built on a foundation of high-tech carbon-fibre tube construction, the Absolute Arm Compact maintains strength and thermal stability under any environmental conditions, offering reliable accuracy whatever the environment.

Effortless Movement
Designed with lightness of movement in mind, the Absolute Arm Compact is easy to handle both during and between measurements, with its unique integrated base taking the trouble out of repositioning by requiring no fixturing or mounting.

User Feedback
In even the harshest industrial environments, communicating with the Absolute Arm Compact in a way that keeps the measurement process running at full speed and efficiency has never been more simple, through our range of visual, acoustic and haptic feedback functions.

ISO Certification
The probing accuracy of the Absolute Arm Compact is certified to ISO 10360-12 as standard, with certification to ISO 10360-2 an option for users planning to use their arm in conjunction with a full-sized CMM.

Technological Foundation
Built upon years of portable measuring arm technology, the Absolute Arm Compact is the latest in a long line of market leading articulated measuring arms, from the ROMER Arm to the ROMER Absolute Arm and now beyond.
Absolute Arm: Productivity
High-speed laser scanning, Absolute Encoders and a host of other innovative technologies allow the Absolute Arm to make measurement more productive than ever, by design.

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Absolute Arm: Versatility
From laser scanners to touch probes, wireless operation to simple portability, the Absolute Arm offers measurement options for every situation, by design.

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Absolute Arm: Usability
From ergonomic improvements to an innovative modular design concept, the Absolute Arm makes measurement easier, by design.

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Working to a New Standard: ISO 10360-12 For Arms
Find out what's changed with our move to ISO 10360-12, the latest standard for portable measuring arm certification.

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