Composite Inspection System

The New Face of High-Speed Carbon-Fibre Component Analysis

The first ever system dedicated to composite part applications, the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Composite Inspection System is set to revolutionise portable carbon-fibre part inspection and analysis. The system comprises HP-C-V3D Apodius Vision Sensor hardware – designed to fit simply to a ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner – together with the custom-built Apodius Explorer 3D software package.

The three-dimensional scanning capabilities of the camera-based HP-C-V3D Apodius Vision Sensor allow for detailed surface texture mapping and part geometry acquisition. Using this data, the sensor can deliver a three-dimensional fibre orientation measurement for comparison with simulation or design data in order to detect, document and classify previously difficult to define production errors.

Apodius Explorer 3D is a real-time software solution custom-built for carbon-fibre surface analysis that supports image processing, output handling and automatic report generation. The measurement process can be visualised in real time within the programme, which can then export fully digitised three-dimensional models based on real-world measurement data. This functionality allows for actual-to-target value comparison through a variety of output modes, including colour-coded simultaneous model and measurement data display.

Combined with the ROMER Absolute Arm SI, which acts as a global reference system for the data collected by the sensor, the Composite Inspection System represents a high-definition solution for assessing carbon-fibre components that is unmatched on the metrology market. 

Composite Inspection System

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HP-C-V3D Apodius Vision Sensor

  •  Designed to fit perfectly at the tip of the ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner.
  • Advanced camera-based vision system allows for fast composite surface inspection, defect detection, acquisition of part geometry and fibre orientation, as well as surface and texture mapping.
  • Drastically speeds up and simplifies the verification of entire components.
  • Three-dimensional data collected can represent critical feedback for component simulation and design.

Apodius Explorer 3D

  • Intuitive real-time software solution specifically designed for composite scanning.
  • Entire measurement process visualisation within the programme, with real-time measurement quality feedback.
  • Output and export data in a variety of useful formats, including fully-digitised three-dimensional models.
  • Illustrate variations in fibre structure between design and manufacturing output through colour-coded simultaneous display of model and measurement data.

ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner

  • Available in six sizes providing measurement volumes between 2.0 and 4.5 metres, as well as three accuracy levels – 73 Series, 75 Series and 77 Series.
  • High-tech carbon-fibre arm construction ensures strength and thermal stability under any environmental condition.
  • Light and agile arm movement facilitated by design echoing the uneven arm ratio typical in industrial robots.
  • Absolute Encoders within arm articulation joints eliminate referencing and warm-up times.
  • Easily interchangeable Feature Packs allow for WiFi connectivity and full battery-powered operation.
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