Absolute Arm: Versatility

The Flexibility to Measure Anything, Anywhere

The Absolute Arm is nothing if not versatile. For touch probe measurement there are almost 100 probe tip accessories available, including straight probes, angled probes, trigger probes and infrared tube probes, and all in various lengths and measurement tip diameters.

For 3D laser scanning there’s the unbeatable RS5 Laser Scanner, quickly and easily mountable on the Absolute Arm wrist for straight-forward high-speed surface and feature digitisation. Also available are the HP-L-8.9 Laser Scanner, an entry-level solution for 6-Axis arms, and the HP-L-20.8 Laser Scanner, which uses ‘flying dot’ 3D scanner technology that’s ideal for measurement on challenging surfaces.

Other options include a variety of Control Packs that deliver useful features such as cable-free WiFi operation or full battery-powered measurement, making the Absolute Arm even more portable.

When it comes to having a wide range of measurement options for small-to-medium sized applications without compromising on portability, there is simply no other choice than the Absolute Arm – and that’s by design.
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