Portable Measuring Arms

Portable measuring arms allow you to take measurements directly in the manufacturing environment, where process improvements are the most beneficial.

ROMER Absolute Arm

A first in the world of portable measuring arms: The ROMER Absolute Arm features absolute encoders and is therefore the first measuring arm which does not require...

ROMER Absolute Arm with external scanner

The ROMER Absolute Arm with external scanner is designed for the high performance laser scanner HP-L-20.8 from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner

Portable measuring arm with fully-certified and integrated RS4 laser scanner designed for faster-than-ever 3D data capture across a range of surfaces and applications.

ROMER Absolute Arm Compact

Offering accuracy for even the smallest of jobs, the ROMER Absolute Arm Compact brings high-tolerance 3D measurement to the shop floor.

ROMER Bike Measurement System

The ROMER Bike Measurement System is a completely portable 3D scanning system, developed in Switzerland in close collaboration with the UCI (International Cycling Union)...

ROMER Gear Measurement System

To facilitate the measurement of gears, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence combined the most portable CMM - the ROMER Absolute Arm - with QUINDOS which outlines the most...

Tube Inspection System

The Hexagon Metrology Tube Inspection System is a certified portable measuring solution designed to facilitate faster quality checks for tubes and tube assemblies –...

BendingStudio with Absolute Arm

Combining AICON BendingStudio software with ROMER Absolute Arm laser scanning hardware delivers unmatched speed and flexibility to the tube and wire production industry. 


ROMER GridLOK is an expanded measurement solution that allows the accuracy and convenience of the ROMER Absolute Arm to be applied to larger parts and systems otherwise...

Composite Inspection System

Advanced quality control system for composite materials designed for use with the ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner.