MoveInspect + BendingStudio

3D measurement of tubes and pipes with medium or large diameters


Combining the coordinate measuring machine MoveInspect HR|XR with the wireless MI.Probe and BendingStudio offers an efficient quality control for tubes with medium and large diameters.

Big pipes have to fulfill highest requirements, whether in thermally highly stressed modern power stations or in plant manufacturing and shipbuilding. Exact dimensional accuracy is indispensable in installation and operation. Especially in small batches, unnecessary rejects are an unacceptable cost factor. The biggest challenge for tube manufacturers to stay competitive is a reliable, exact inspection of the components. It should be simple and save time and costs.

Combining the coordinate measuring machine MoveInspect HR|XRwith the wireless MI.Probe and the software platform BendingStudio, AICON offers effcient quality control for tubes with medium and large diameters. MoveInspect and MI.Probe fulfill all requirements regarding precision, flexibillity and stability for operation in production.

The software platform BendingStudio offers many applicationoriented functionalities. Production processes, such as the setup of bending machines, are optimized. That reduces costs. The components are perfectly matched to one another to benefit from all advantages.

MoveInspect HR|XR - Precise even in rough production environment

Production environments, as in large tube production, are impaired by vibrations and movements. Many measuring systems, however, require an undisturbed setting. So how can you obtain precise test results? With MoveInspect, vibrations or changes in position are no problem! Thanks to the „dynamic referencing“-function, MoveInspect is able to detect such disturbances and to compensate them automatically.

The system is tracking optical reference points on the object for monitoring its position continuously. It does not matter whether object or measuring system changes position during data collection, the user always receives reliable results. Thus, MoveInspect is the solution for measuring in production environment. It is deployable for mobile use as well as for stationary use at a fixed measuring station.

3D measurement the easy way

With the hand-held MI.Probe, objects can easily be measured three-dimensionally by tactile probing. MoveInspect is tracking the MI.Probe continuously during the measurement process and determines its 3D position in space. The system is much more flexible than measuring arms as it works without cumbersome cables or other mechanical connections to the measuring device. The operator has total freedom of movement. The system can be adapted to the object size and the required accuracy, and is easily extendable if needed.

BendingStudio – Versatile and functional

It takes several steps from a drawing to a finished part, each one requiring different types of data. The software platform BendingStudio links all the data and processes involved around production of bended parts – from production and process planning to manufacturing and quality control. All users have shared access to the same stored content; everyone gets the data needed for the relevant production step. Thanks to open interfaces, correction data can be transmitted to CNC bending machines. And data can even be transferred to production software.

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  • Highly precise and fast measurement
  • Total freedom of movement with MI.Probe
  • For use in rough production environment
  • Mobile and stationary application
  • Easy and user-oriented measurement with BendingStudio
  • Cost reduction by less rejects and higher machine availability
  • Satisfied customers thanks to higher product quality

Areas of Application

  • Industrial and plant manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Boiler and power plant construction
  • Chemical industry
  • Offshore industry

MoveInspect + BendingStudio

 Measuring system  MoveInspect HR|XR with MI.Probe
 Configuration  MoveInspect HR|XR cameras, variable configuration with 1, 2 or more cameras on tripods or on a camera bar
 Max. tube length
 Depends on camera configuration; e.g. about 6 meters with MoveInspect HR|XR Large; longer tubes can be measured by overlapping repositioning
 Measuring range
 Bending data, sheath tolerance, bending radii, ovality, functional dimensions
 Tube diameter
 50 mm - 2,500 mm
 Software  MoveInspect and BendingStudio, optional: external inspection software

MoveInspect HR|XR

 Sensor  MoveInspect HR|XR cameras
 Resolution  5 resp. 8 megapixels
 LED ringlight
 Acquisition frequency
 Up to 30 Hz resp. 14,7 Hz (depends on configuration)
 Weight (for setup with camera bar)
 Approx. 8.5 kg resp. 10 kg
 Data transfer
 Processing computer
 High-end notebook, industrial PC possible
 Operating system
 Microsoft ® Windows ® 7 or 10 (64 Bit)
 Measuring modes
 Offline, online, realtime


 Design  Torsion free carbon fiber bar with protective housing
 Dimensions  Length 400 mm resp. 900 mm; diameter 20 mm
 Optical retroreflective markers (6 or 9 pieces)
 Connection with screw coupling; different lengths, types and directions of probe tips
 250 g, 330 g

Operating Unit (Handle)

 Design  Handle with control electronics and bayonet-lock
 Data transfer  Bluetooth connection to operating PC
 Power supply
 Rechargeable battery
 3 status LEDs, 3 Trigger buttons
 400 g

Technical data are subject to change without notice.

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Bilfinger uses MoveInspect + BendingStudio to inspect tubes and pipes with large diameters.