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3D Form Inspect Software - the original, a leader in the market since 2002

3D Form Inspect is the proven solution for your success. Measuring and quality control on the machine tool is gaining increasing importance in progressive manufacturing plants. This software enables quick, easy measuring and logging of important geometries and shapes on all sides and with all axes directly on the machine tool. This saves time, provides safety, and enhances quality.

New in version 2.8
  • Optimal measurement plotting on complex forged parts or cast workpieces using Best Fit adjustment
  • Extended, fast Best Fit based on objects
  • Extended form and position analysis
  • More extensive reporting, e.g. 3D PDF
  • Version 2.8 is required for 3DFI JobMaster 
Easy measuring and logging directly in the same clamping 
3D Form Inspect allows you to easily and quickly measure and log ruled geometries and forms on all sides with all axes directly on the machine tool. This offers major benefits, particularly in mould and die, as well as in the aerospace industry. 3D Form Inspect saves time, offers improved safety during production and increases quality.

  • Intuitive handling and creation of complex measuring tasks without prior programming knowledge require
  • Reliable measuring results thanks to RTC – Real Time Calibration
  • Easy, safe control of freeform surfaces and ruled geometries on 3- to 5-axis machines
  • Easy post-processing of critical surfaces using Best Fit adjustment on completed workpieces
  • Automation option with 3DFI JobMaster.
Easy handling
  • Self-explanatory user interface for easiest handling
  • Practice-oriented measuring functions, designed for the machine operator
  • Touch probe collision detection gives safety
  • Automatic transmission of measuring programs and results 
Universally applicable
  • Extensive import filters for CAD surface data
  • Available for almost all CNC controls
Save costs - increase your competitiveness
  • Optimum definition of workpiece zero point in relation to workpiece contour
  • Evaluation of results immediately after machining
  • No transferring to the measuring machine
  • Immediate reworking without setting up again
  • No machine downtime due to missing information/measuring results
  • Documentation of genuine quality
  • Measuring and results in one fully automated cycle

3D Form Inspect

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Options, extensions and additional modules   

Standard functions

  • Check freeform surfaces 
  • Check ruled geometries such as spheres, drill holes, cylinders, etc.
  • Determine angled positions for surfaces and ruled geometries
  • Analyse shape and position tolerances
  • Cross styli are supported

Patented calibration strategy for best results

  • Compensate measuring errors occurring at the spindle interface (SK/BAT)
  • Automatically detect and compensate kinematic changes while measuring
  • Identify thermal displacements in the working area and apply to evaluations
  • Remove the effects of Axis Lag-errors from measuring procedures 
  • Eliminate pre-travel variation of probing systems using vector calibration

Complete support of 4th and 5th axis (option) 

  • Measuring on all sides of the workpiece and at undercuts or inclined geometries in free space
  • Collection of kinematic errors of the 4th and 5th axes through patented calibration strategy “Highest Precision”
  • Detected kinematic deviations are compensated during the measuring process

Best-Fit Function (option)

  • Optimisation of deviations in position and location caused by turning and shifting the workpiece
  • Can be used for quick fitting of the raw part into the best machining position
  • Quick re-clamping of moulds for necessary rework, determination of position and zero point defining after measuring

3DFI JobMaster for maximum productivity 

  • Automated measuring and logging
  • Ideal for machines with pallet systems or automatic loading
  • Automatic Best Fit operations for different components
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