HxGN NC Server

The power of PC-DMIS on machine tools

HxGN NC Server

Connecting the power of PC-DMIS measurement software with machine tools, HxGN NC Server combines unmatched measurement capabilities with 24/7 automation and feedback functionality in a dashboard that actively monitors the status of measurements across multiple machine tools.

HxGN NC Server helps automate the machining process by centrally managing the measurement programs on all machine tools at the same time without operator intervention. By receiving in-process quality data directly from the machine, producers can remove quality bottlenecks, reduce transport times and identify quality issues quickly before scrap is produced.

Trusted by thousands of users worldwide for their diverse measurement needs, PC-DMIS is the world’s leading metrology software. HxGN NC Server enables the execution of PC-DMIS operations directly on the machine tool, making results comparable across devices throughout the entire factory and enabling the use of certified measurements during part clamping.


HxGN NC Server - Bringing the power of PC-DMIS to your machine tool

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Certified calculations from PC-DMIS on machine tools
The use of PC-DMIS on machine tools allows the comparison of results with CMM measurements. Thanks to certified algorithms, it includes support for the latest ISO and ASME tolerancing standards as well as graphical reporting, including visualisation on the CAD model.

Keep track of all activities with the HxGN NC Server dashboard
HxGN NC Server monitors all part measurements across multiple machines and provides a quick overview of current machine statuses and the latest measurements.

Flexible reporting function for comparable results between devices
Measurement reports are automatically created after each measurement. HxGN NC Server is equipped with various flexible report templates, in CAD or text format, as well as the capacity for data export for further statistical evaluation.

Support of EDGECAM Inspect and built-in measurement functions
With EDGECAM, users can create and simulate measurement routines directly in the CAM tool. In combination with HxGN NC Server, EDGECAM uses PC-DMIS calculations to execute the measurements directly on the machine tool.

Create measurement programs offline without process interruptions
Build and manage any number of measurement programs without any process intervention with the HxGN NC Server Offline Manager.

Work directly at the control panel with HMI operator interface
When using windows-based controls, HxGN NC Server can be installed directly at the machine, giving the operator the chance to quickly access the software directly from the point of measurement, including the possibility to show reports directly on the control panel.

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