Absolute Tracker: Portability

There’s Nothing More Portable Than Absolute Portability

Portability is at the heart of what an Absolute Tracker is all about. Every one of our laser trackers bundles an unrivalled package of high-end metrology technology into a small and convenient carry case. Whether you’re regularly making station changes within a single measurement arena or travelling by plane, train or automobile between entirely different production sites, our range of laser tracker systems have been designed to make your life as easy as possible.

Even our high-end Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 weighs in at less than 14 kilograms, while the ultra-portable Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 is just 7.3 kilograms – light enough in its compact and secure carry case to travel as hand luggage on a flight. It’s even possible to carry the AT403 as a backpack, should the need arise for a metrology-equipped hike.

Absolute-Tracker_Productivity_2Repositioning an Absolute Tracker is a quick and simple job thanks to our easy setup and configuration processes, while built-in monitoring technology ensures you’re never surprised by invalid results caused by improper movement or changing environmental conditions. Such ease-of-use is further enhanced by full WiFi and battery power capabilities, which allow for truly cable-free operation for reflector and probing measurement. Our range of 3D laser scanners also boasts battery power functionality, making usage limited only by the need for a single high-speed data cable.

If you need an advanced laser tracker system that can move as easily as you can, you won’t find a better option than an Absolute Tracker.
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Absolute Tracker: Scale

When high-end measurement is increasingly demanded for larger parts and surfaces, specialised tools are required to maintain productivity.

Absolute Tracker: Speed

Measuring quickly and efficiently has a range of meanings, but we have a metrology-grade solution no matter what type of speed is important to you.