OPTIV Dual Camera

One machine. Two cameras. Maximised flexibility.

OPTIV Dual Camera
Offering maximised application flexibility, OPTIV Dual Camera’s two-step zoom can switch between fast, ‘multicapture’ measurement in overview mode and high-precision measurement in detail mode. While overview mode optimises measuring time, detail mode offers high magnification and optical resolution in the sub-micron range. The camera switch is performed electronically at the click of a mouse. 

OPTIV Dual Camera enables the highest precision, offering low distortion for true-to-geometry imaging of the finest object structures. Telecentric lenses ensure stable measurements and dependable magnification.
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Flexible application
Adjusting lens magnification enables flexible scaling of measuring accuracy and optimum adaption to tasks.

Highest precision
Optiv Dual Camera’s superior image quality is unaffected by electronic switching between modes.
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