OPTIV Classic Benchtop CMMs

Affordable CMMs for multisensor metrology

OPTIV Classic benchtop CMMs combine multisensor capabilities with a robust mechanical design, making them the ideal entry-level CMM for versatile, accurate quality assurance on the shop floor.

An OPTIV Classic benchtop CMM’s open architecture ensures access to the measuring table from all sides, facilitating part palletising as well as manual loading. Equipped with a high-resolution digital CMOS colour camera and a motorised CNC zoom as standard, the OPTIV Classic performs automated dimensional measurements with optimum flexibility and efficiency. The OPTIV Classic 3.2.2 and 4.3.2 are both ISO 10360 standard compliant.
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Compact, robust design
Built for use on the shop floor, the OPTIV Classic is a space-saving benchtop CMM of proven XY cross-table design, equipped with mechanical linear guides on all axes, a machine base and fixed column in granite and a solid metal base frame.

Industry standard calibration
The OPTIV Classic offers dependable multisensor performance and complies with the ISO 10360 standard for measuring accuracy.

Vision and tactile measurement
Designed to undertake general purpose measurement tasks, the OPTIV Classic comes equipped with a vision sensor with a high-resolution digital CMOS colour camera and a programmable 6.5x motorised zoom lens. The vision sensor offers variable illumination in the form of a coaxial LED top light, LED back light and multi-segment LED ring light for high contrast illumination of complex surfaces and edges. A laser pointer facilitates navigation during the measuring routine creation. An additional touch-trigger probe HP-TM and a stylus module changer rack HR-P with four ports are both available as options. An optional rotary indexing table can be used to automatically reveal hidden features to sensors.

Easy-to-use software
PC-DMIS measurement software removes complexity from inherently intricate measurement tasks by providing a range of quick start routines, for example for part alignment or sensor calibration, and optimised workflows across the full range of measurement operations. PC-DMIS Inspect is included as standard and provides an intuitive operator interface for measuring routine selection and execution on the shop floor. Available as an option, PC-DMIS Inspect Slideshow helps production-level CMM operators to immediately identify and resolve manufacturing defects using graphical real-time feedback on custom key dimensions. And PC-DMIS Inspect Pallet offers the ability to configure a pallet for measuring a batch of parts in a user-friendly interface.

Data analysis

The Q-DAS software bundle features powerful solutions for the statistical analysis of product and process data, including statistical process control (SPC) and real-time visualisation of measurement data, measurement system analysis and process capability analysis.
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