HP-C Vision Sensor

Bringing vision to your CMM

HP-C Vision Sensor
HP-C is a vision camera measurement system for CMMs. It can measure small features, sensitive or easily deformed components and deliver throughput for applications where image capture is faster than probing. It is equipped with a high-resolution camera and a built-in illumination system.

Thanks to the working distance of 110 mm and two zooming options, the HP-C is an extremely flexible solution, especially when features are too small for tactile probing.

The entire Field of View (FOV) or specific Regions of Interest (ROI) within the FOV can be used to select one or more features for measurement, such as hole diameters or edge positions. Software control of the illumination allows the user to optimise the image for each measurement. 
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Access the small
The HP-C uses multi-capture to collect multiple measurement features, enabling fast data capture that can be zoomed in for greater analysis of each individual feature. 

Capture the big
Using HP-C and PC-DMIS, the sensor is able to quickly capture and measure more features outside the field of view, greatly increasing throughput. 

Maintain measurement accuracy
HP-C illuminates the work area to ensure the camera captures all relevant data and features a higher resolution zoom to obtain high-precision measurement results. 

Selectable fields of view and pixel sizes
With HP-C, operators can choose between fields of view to measure more or larger features, or a smaller measurement area for higher accuracy. 

Digital colour camera and sophisticated illumination
The 3 mega pixel camera and the LED illumination system allow for most precise results even in difficult conditions. 

Fully automatic sensor exchange
HP-C is equipped with Hexagon’s patented kinematic joint interface, making sensor exchange a fully automatic process in combination with the HR-R sensor changing rack. This way, multiple sensors can be used for the same part and on the same machine. 

Proven and harmonised system
HP-C was specifically developed for use on Hexagon CMMs with Hexagon’s PC-DMIS software. All components have been tested and developed to get the most out of the complete system. 


 HP-C-TS5.10  Mode 1 – Large FOV  Mode 2  Accurate 
 Product No.  GB0200-0001
 Field of View  11,7 mm x 8,7 mm   5.9 mm x 4,4 mm
 Pixel Size  11,4 µm  5,7 µm 
 Frame Rate (frames per second)  15  19 
 Probing error of the image probe PFV2D*  5,0 µm
 Probing error PF2D  8,0 µm
 XY Unidirectional length measurement error EUXY*  4,2 µm + L/333
 Image probe unidirectional length error EUV  3,0 µm + 1.8L
 Camera  3 Mega Pixel highspeed USB 2 digital colour camera
 Optics  f2.8 – f16 50,2mm with standard M39 X 1/26th mounting 
 Working Distance  110 mm 
 Illumination  Oblique and targeted at the optical plane center 
 64 white LEDs split into 16 sectors and 2 rings
 Mounting  TKJ Hexagon Kinematic Joint (Fully auto changeable with HR-R rack) 
 Communication Protocol   USB over Ethernet  

*ISO 10360-7: 2011 “Imaging probing system” 

HP-C Vision Sensor Data Sheet