PC-DMIS NC Gage - measuring made easy!

PC-DMIS NC Gage sets the new standard for measuring on the machine tool. Developed for easy, quick and safe application of touch probes without requiring the operator to have programming skills or special knowledge of measuring technology. The unique "teach-in method" in manual operation enables a dialogue-based procedure. This process will immediately deliver the desired result. Setup operation of the machine, manual measuring cycles as well as automatic measuring and logging - it is a child's play.

PC-DMIS NC Gage is available in different versions. The Basic Version enables teach-in measurement of basic geometries and programming.


The Advanced Version offers the complete range of functions for 3-axis machines, measuring and evaluation functions for changing zero points as well as generation of result protocols.


Option for Advanced Version:

  • Measuring on 5-axis machines

Option for Advanced 5-axis Version:

  • Kinematic Setup for 5-axis machines - the basis for precision

The KINEMATIC SETUP function enables the operator to check the correctness of the machine geometry and the compensation values at any time and to make corrections, if necessary.

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Operator-friendly Measurement on the Controller
  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Operated via panel softkey or touch screen
  • Both interactive and automatic measurements available

Teach-in to Record Measurements

  • Dialog based interactive teach-in method to easily generate measurement cycles
  • Eliminates the use of difficult macros
  • Learned cycles can be stored on the control and recalled at any time


  • Measurement results are displayed in a simple ASCII format
  • Color coded results in the report show whether the item is in tolerance
  • The report can be sent to a hard drive or printer on the control or network

Proven Accuracy

  • Built on the PTB-certified mathematics directly from the PC-DMIS CMM software
  • 3D and 2D Probe Calibration on a sphere or ring
  • Flexible number of points for feature measurement

Extended Feature Measurement

  • All basic geometric measurement functions available
  • Including extended functions not previously available on any control
  • Expandable to include advanced features upon request

Useful Power

  • Editable program with Cut/Paste, Edit/Delete functions
  • Support for any number of clearance planes and points
  • Program overview/execute to review program contents and step, block or fully execute programs
  • Tree view of program for easy access to all important information
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m&h Product Overview Brochure
m&h PC-DMIS NC Gage Brochure
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