Automation Switch Controller

Enabling new manual and automation configurations with multiple laser trackers and sensors

The Automation Switch Controller (ASC) is a device for automatically switching the probe and probe/trigger cable from one tracker to another and/or from one target to another. The ASC provides four pairs of probe and probe/trigger sockets for laser tracker connections and four pairs of probe and probe/trigger sockets for target (probe) connections.

The ASC is a device that enables the use of multiple laser trackers and accessories in any combination, for example a Leica T-Scan 5 or Leica T-Mac could be connected to different laser trackers to optimise accessibility.

For example, in a sample setup with two laser trackers and two Leica T-Scan 5 systems, the connection between a T-Scan system and a laser tracker is a simple probe/trigger cable. If two T-Scan systems and two laser trackers are used simultaneously, each laser tracker can only measure on the T-Scan that is physically connected to its controller by a probe/trigger cable. If it is required that each of the laser trackers in such a system be able to measure with each of the scanners, an ASC provides a solution by acting as a hub through which all connections can pass.
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Quick Switching
The Automation Switch Controller allows for instantaneous shifting between combinations of laser trackers and targets such as laser scanners or the Leica T-Mac.
Multitple connections
Up to four laser trackers and four target devices can be connected simultaneously in parallel, allowing for a wide range of usage flexibility.
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