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Hexagon Releases JAVELIN 2021

2020년 5월 28일 목요일

The latest release of JAVELIN MRP and production control software from Hexagon introduces the new Despatch Pallet function with automatic allocation of delivery notes to Pallets. Plus, a Master Production Schedule has been launched to manage bottlenecks by levelling the load, leading to increased output and smarter production.

With the new Despatch Pallets feature, as parts are added to a Delivery Note, JAVELIN 2021 automatically assigns the goods to an available pallet…and if any aren’t available it will create a new one.   A pallet can contain several Delivery Notes to the same address, and a Delivery Note can also be spread over several pallets. 

The Master Production Schedule enhances MRP and gives greater control on forward planning. For example, users can enter or import their own schedule for designated parts in specific periods, which MRP will honour instead of the normal supply or demand. The entry screen shows real demand and the available quantity each week. The screen can be filtered for parts that use a specific work centre. Part Maintenance and Supply vs Demand will indicate when MPS is in use for that part.

Amongst a raft of updates to JAVELIN, a new program in the Purchasing environment, Expedite Feedback, speeds up the updating of supplier results for Acknowledged date, Review Date and Comments, by importing from an Excel or csv file. The confirmation screen in Request for Quotation now displays all responses, and allows the best option to be selected, with the ability to change Due Date before confirming. Other updates include Supplier Price Books specified by Part Issue; a new Profile option of Automatic Acknowledgement that creates Purchase Order Lines as acknowledged; and in the Subcontract Update program acknowledged dates can now be updated as well as due dates.
Customer Profile functionality has been renamed Trader Profile, and extended to Suppliers, enabling purchase documents to be customised for specific groups of suppliers. 

Works Orders improvements include how splitting of orders is managed, with two options to suit different requirements. The new Works Order Split fully splits a WO into multiple Refurbishment Works Orders, apportioning outstanding materials and operations, while keeping traceability to the original. The other option, Works Order Partition, splits off part of the order, leaving the original open to continue processing. Material, labour and outwork costs are transferred, but unlike the WO Split, previously processed operational data, including Outwork, is not available to the newly created order.

The new Update Ops button refreshes outstanding operations in line with the current Part Routing; and there is now increased visibility of Excess Supply, with this field displayed on several Works Order screens.

Advanced Scheduling now has a Priority Escalation field, for high priority Works Orders to be fast tracked by scheduling, before other orders in the work to list. This provides greater control over scheduling output for business-critical situations.

JAVELIN 2021’s new Part Security feature controls user access to data for specific parts and is of particular interest to companies with ITAR and other security requirements. The part security code is defined against a part, or inherited from the Item Type defaults, with only designated employees given access to that component’s Document View data.

Icons added to Shop Floor Data Capture’s Work to list clearly indicate which operations are available to start, according to the previous operation having finished, and material issue status.

For companies dealing with third-party forward shipping, a new Proof of Export function allows HMRC export information to be entered and tracked against the invoice details.   

A range of general enhancements include:

  • A taskbar icon showing outstanding actions, CRM actions, project tasks, NCR tasks, and WIP validation failures, acting as a quick access to the relevant screen
  • VAT category is now a customisable list of options, in readiness for possible Brexit changes
  • On the Multi Sales Issue screen, new icons to show the OTIF (on time in full) status of the lines being shipped i.e. late, on time or early to the OTIF
  • Added efficiency in creating NCR templates, by copying items from previous templates
  • Stock Take output now has an option to include Part descriptions on printed count sheets and stock take tickets 
  • MAP Up buttons throughout the system show any top-level Sales Order demand as a Tool Tip
  • Quotes have a new comment box; and in the Quote print function the customer reference is included in the email header and body text   
  • Dashboard sales graphs now have options to breakdown by Sales Order Type, and to select whether to exclude either Consignment or Call Off Orders.
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