Brazil is champion at successful WorldSkills 2015 in São Paulo

International event sponsored by Hexagon Metrology sees Brazilian competitors take home 27 medals

2015년 9월 17일 목요일

There was home success for Brazil at the first Latin American edition of the biennial WorldSkills 2015 vocational education and skills excellence event in São Paulo. Over a thousand competitors from around the world participated in the competition at the Anhembi Park Exhibition Centre, and Brazil was in the medals with eleven golds, ten silvers and six bronzes awarded to the team.

Organised in Brazil by the National Service for Industrial Training (SENAI) in conjunction with WorldSkills International, the WorldSkills competition is designed to promote the education and learning of vocational subjects and STEM skills – science, technology, engineering and maths – internationally. This important socioeconomic trend is of huge importance to Hexagon Metrology, and the company reinforced its commitment to developing youth skills by participating as a gold sponsor for the event. Competitors in the industrial manufacturing categories used hardware and software supplied by the company to demonstrate their knowledge as they contested various challenges. Equipment in action included an Inspector BR coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and an OPTIV Performance multisensor device as well as PC-DMIS software.

Hexagon Metrology technicians who attended the event were impressed with the outstanding knowledge and dedication of the competitors from around the world. “It was fantastic to support an event like WorldSkills and see the passion and enthusiasm these young people have for their trades,” said Danilo Lapastini, Vice-President at Hexagon Metrology South America. “STEM skills are absolutely essential in our industry and those of our customers, so to see them encouraged and celebrated in this way is hugely encouraging for the future.”

For more information about WorldSkills and a full list of winners from the 2015 competition in São Paulo, visit

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