Employee Spotlight: Scott Everling

by Andrew Scarella on May 26, 2016 From Employee Spotlight
360 SIMS end-of-line body-in-white gauging cell allows measuring the body’s exterior and interior areas

Scott EverlingScott Everling is the Product Development Manager for Integrated Solutions at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. Scott drives the creation of new measurement solutions through integration and automation of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s core products. This portfolio includes coordinate measurement machine (CMM) technology, laser tracker and white light (WLS) solutions that integrate with machine tools, robots, and within other automated environments.

Scott’s industry expertise is leveraged by the Integrated Solutions Business Unit, where he uses his deep product knowledge, extensive large sheet metal application experience, and automation skills to develop automated measurement work cells. This highly-specialized team will develop automated commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) systems by integrating Hexagon's 3D measurement technologies with sensors, software, and robotics. These data-driven automation solutions will deliver actionable information for predictive manufacturing in a connected Industry 4.0 environment. With on-demand access to real-time factory floor data, operators and managers will be able to monitor, troubleshoot and control production processes at an unparalleled level.

Scott has worked in the Metrology industry for more than two decades, solving precision manufacturing measurement problems in a wide variety of industries. His background includes several years chasing precision at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, as well as operating a measurement consulting and programming firm concentrating on Automotive and Aerospace powertrain applications.

Scott holds a mechanical engineering degree from Cornell University.

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