Entry-level multisensor CMMs

Hexagon’s entry-level multisensor and optical CMMs balance accuracy, throughput and flexibility with an ideal price-to-performance ratio and multisensor capabilities that meet a wide range of measurement requirements.

Dependable, affordable multisensor performance

Entry-level multisensor and optical CMMs are built robustly for tough working conditions and are particularly suitable for quality assurance in the production area. All models come equipped with a high-resolution digital colour camera and a motorised CNC zoom as standard. Supporting additional sensors such as touch-trigger probes, entry-level multisensor and optical CMMs combine all basic dimensional measurement capabilities in a single machine.


Explore Hexagon’s entry-level multisensor and optical CMM range

Optiv Classic

The Optiv Classic Line is the easy way of getting started in optical and 3D multi-sensor metrology. The equipment base of all models is made of granite. Vision sensors and...

OPTIV Classic large-stroke CMMs

OPTIV Classic large-stroke multisensor and optical coordinate measuring machines (CMM) are designed to simplify the measurement of large or palletised flat parts close to...


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Enhanced Productivity Series multisensor CMMs

Hexagon’s Enhanced Productivity Series multisensor and optical coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) give manufacturers of small and medium precision parts the configuration...

High-accuracy multisensor CMMs

Hexagon’s high-accuracy multisensor and optical CMMs provide sub-micron accuracy for measuring precision components manufactured to the tightest tolerances.