How to Pinpoint the Absolute Positioning of Flaws using Portable and Modular NDT

Portable measuring arms are widely known for providing accuracy, usability and productivity enhancements into the manufacturing environment.  However, the ability to instantly adapt and be ready to measure without recalibration is what sets them apart.   Hexagon has started to move into industry partnerships to create new solutions by converting the Absolute Arm into a multipurpose sensor carrier

Recently, PRAGMA NDT has utilized the flexible, portable and modular design of the Hexagon Absolute Arm to develop a unique and fully integrated NDT sensor that is shattering expectations.  This ongoing development will meet a vital need of the NDT industry of being able to pinpoint the absolute positioning of flaws and defects, allowing the user to monitor their growth overtime.
In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How PRAGMA has utilized the modularity and versatility of portable measuring arms to develop a new NDT solution 
  • How to pinpoint the positioning of flaws and defects before they become critical
  • How Hexagon is leading the industry in advanced multisensor portable metrology


How to Pinpoint the Absolute Positioning of Flaws Using Portable and Modular NDT


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