High-accuracy multisensor CMMs

Hexagon’s high-accuracy multisensor and optical CMMs provide sub-micron accuracy for measuring precision components manufactured to the tightest tolerances.

Accurate by design

The OPTIV Reference high-accuracy multisensor coordinate measuring machine (CMM) series is built for measurement accuracy. Each CMM deploys the most advanced design materials to provide the quality necessary to meet the tightest production tolerances.

The design consists of a fine-pored granite base with a fixed bridge and a moving high-precision measuring table with a dovetail-designed guideway. The CMM base rests on an integral four-column base frame with optional vibration dampers. All axes are equipped with pre-loaded air bearings and are driven through their centre of mass using backlash-free recirculating ball screws. The axes also include DC servomotors with closed control loops and speed control.


Explore Hexagon’s high-accuracy multisensor and optical CMMs 

Optiv Reference

La oferta de máxima calidad en lo que respecta a precisión de medición y diseño es la línea de producto Optiv Reference.


Check out the technologies inside Hexagon’s high-accuracy multisensor and optical CMMs

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Entry-level multisensor CMMs

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