AICON 3D Systems is a member of various associations. These memberships are important for the exchange of experience in Resarch & Development, Science, as well as in new trends and technologies.

German Society for Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation (DGPF)

The society promotes and takes care about the exchange of experience in the research, development and application of photogrammetry, remote sensing and geo-informatics in the various branches of science, society and technology.

Association of German Engineers (VDI)

The Association of German Engineers is an organization with over 150,000 engineers and natural scientists. Established in 1856, the VDI is today the largest engineering association in Western Europe.

Tube Innovation Network

Since summer 2015, AICON is a partner of Tube Innovation Network, an association of 13 Top technology partners from the areas of tube manufacturing and tube processing.

Tube & Pipe Association, International (TPA)

The TPA - approx. 1,400 members from more than 50 countries - offers products and services that keep professionals in the tube and pipe producing and fabricating industries informed about the latest trends and technology.

International Tube Association (ITA)

With more than 700 members from 70 countries, the ITA is the largest European association of tube & pipe engineers. It offers diversified information, contacts and tools in order to give them an up-to-date knowledge about the industry.

Helmholtz Fonds

The Association Helmholtz Fonds supports science and research in the field of physical-technical precision measurement and related scientific work.