Podcast: How Fixing Small IoT Problems Can Lead to Fixing the Bigger Ones

by Milan Kocic on January 30, 2019 From Thought Leader, Technology, News And Comment, Industry Focus

The internet of things (IoT) is a key, transformative element of industry 4.0, bringing unprecedented levels of connectivity and informative data to manufacturing. It’s a big initiative, which means big opportunities and, sometimes, big challenges.

Yet we’ve found it’s fixing the small IoT problems that often helps resolve the bigger challenges. And sometimes simple solutions can reveal extra benefits that were unintended. How are we seeing this idea of detail-focused solutions impact the industrial internet of things?

I recently joined Sean Heath of MarketScale on the Industrial IoT podcast to talk about solving problems in the ever-changing IoT landscape and the crucial role customers play in helping determine the actual IoT problem they want to solve. I talk to Sean about challenges facing our customers when it comes to collecting data using IoT, and what to do with that data to streamline smart manufacturing.

Listen to the podcast below.

This podcast is part two in our series on the Connected Smart Factory. Part one is about Maximizing Efficiency for the Aerospace Industry.


Milan Kocic

As Director of PROXI, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s Global Product Strategy and Design Group, Milan Kocic leads engineering and R&D efforts across a range of Hexagon solutions to enhance product design, innovation, and user experience. Milan joined Hexagon in 1995 as a Tech Engineer for PC-DMIS before managing various hardware and software product lines. He holds an MBA in International Business and Strategic Management.