Simulating Reality: The Role of CAE and Simulation in Manufacturing Intelligence

by Kate Bailey on September 12, 2017 From HxGN Global, Thought Leader

Hexagon AB’s acquisition of MSC Software earlier this year added an extensive range of solutions for computer-aided engineering (CAE) and simulation to the technology portfolio of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

In this episode of HxGN TV, Norbert Hanke and Paolo Guglielmini from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence are joined by Dominic Gallello from MSC Software for a discussion on how CAE and simulation technology fits into Hexagon’s vision for intelligent quality solutions across the product lifecycle. Watch as they explore the rationale behind the acquisition and look forward to how the potential synergies of today will drive value for customers working in all phases of the manufacturing process going forward.

Kate Bailey

Kate Bailey is Global Marketing Communications Manager at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. She spent several years working as a creative agency copywriter before moving to Hexagon, where she gets to combine her writing skills with a long-standing fascination with engineering and technology.