Automated Solutions

The factory of tomorrow will be smart and digital with a data driven understanding of assembly processes. Automation will play a significant role across any industrial sector. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence offers the right solution for fully automated measurement and process control already today.

PartInspect L

PartInspect L is a fast and simple automated part measurement solution for the shop floor based on high-end structured-light scanning technology

360° SIMS

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence provides a broad solution for fully automated dimensional process and quality control.


The white light measuring system Hexagon WLS400A is a flexible solution for real-time shop floor metrology.

360° FMC-Tracker

Designed to deliver automated measurement productivity in-line, near-line or off-line, the 360° FMC-Tracker is your solution for flexible high-speed, high-accuracy...

360º Flexible Measurement Cell

The 360º Flexible Measurement Cell (360º FMC) from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence North America Integrated Solutions Group. What makes the 360º FMC unique is that it is...


Innovative software solution delivering full calibration and performance testing functionality for industrial robotic systems.

Laser Tracker Automation

Our laser tracker-based robotic measurement and control systems are about elevating the potential of industrial automation and bringing metrology-grade accuracy to the...