Profile and Surface Measurement

Offering dedicated non-contact systems for profile measurement and 3D surface inspection, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s profile and surface measurement range supports a number of manufacturing quality needs from product development through production and into service life.

Optical systems designed specifically for profile measurement and surface inspection

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s NEXTSENSE™ portfolio of optical systems for profile measurement and surface inspection supports quality and productivity during product development, manufacturing and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) operations. The patented CALIPRI™ measurement principle combines scanning and profiling in a range of systems and software which offer advanced manual, inline and automated measurement solutions to the automotive, rail, steel and aerospace industries. 

Top automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers rely on NEXTSENSE products to ensure the highest perceived quality results for the car body fit and finish. The NEXTSENSE CALIPRI systems are also widely used by leading train producers, operators and service providers to ensure safe operation of train wheel sets and trackside quality. Steel and continuous metal profile producers rely on OSIRIS™ and CALIPRI products to support product launches and ongoing high yield in demanding hot rolling mill conditions. 


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Specified for automotive customer perceived quality demands, CALIPRI C10 / C14 non-contact portable measurement devices offer fast and accurate evaluation of gap, flush and...


Designed for gap and flush inspection on the moving vehicle production line, the CALIPRI C11 / C15 manual inline measurement systems offer continuously accurate results...

CALIPRI C12 / C12 Cobot

Offering fully-automated gap and flush measurement, the CALIPRI C12 / C12 Cobot inline measurement systems support 100% inspection of car body assemblies with mounted...

CALIPRI C40 / C41 / C42

Designed to measure all common train wheel, brake and track profiles, CALIPRI C40 / C41 / C42 handheld rail measurement devices provide quick and correct evaluations with...


CALIPRI Prime is fully-integrated optical inspection system for the precise measurement of the key railway wheel flange dimensions (height, width, qR) within a few seconds.


Designed for the inspection of rolled steel sections, CALIPRI RCx portable measuring systems support the development and introduction of new steel profiles into production...

OSIRIS Hot / Cold

Combining two inspection functions in a single system, OSIRIS Hot and OSIRIS Cold are advanced inline surface and profile measurement systems for the steel and continuous...


Offering an innovative measurement and calibration solution for rail producers, FMG is an inline / end-of-line flatness measurement system for designed for steel rail.

Vision System 2D

The Vision System 2D is the market-leading standalone optical measuring solution specifically developed for local two-dimensional fibre-orientation measurement.

Vision System 3D

Find a revolutionary solution for the portable inspection and analysis of semi-finished carbon-fibre composite parts with the Vision System 3D.


See how profile and surface measurement can be used in your industry

Automotive Gap and Flush Measurement

Whether it’s a compact vehicle or a luxury model, the aesthetics of a car are an increasingly decisive criteria in the customer purchase decision.

Wheelset and Track Profile for Train and Rail

Train wheelsets and rail infrastructure are typical wear parts, and have significant effects on passenger comfort and safety as well as noise and ride.

Steel Profile Surface and Flatness Measurement

Rising quality standards in the steel industry require highly accurate inspection and full documentation right from the source for rolled product production.

Profile and Surface Measurement in Aerospace

The aerospace industry is in transition. Airplanes are getting lighter and faster, so increasingly sophisticated airframe components and assembly processes are being...

About composite material inspection

High-definition camera-based measurement and analysis is the key to strength and consistency in composite material production.


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NEXTSENSE Cross Industry Solutions

Optical systems designed specifically for profile measurement and surface inspection.