The software platform for all data and processes around manufacturing of bended parts

It takes several steps from a drawing to an actual part, each one requiring different types of data. BendingStudio links all data and processes around production of bended parts – from production and process planning to manufacturing and quality control.

It is the only tool to meet and combine these requirements with emphasis on metrological processes. In combination with TubeInspect systems, BendingStudio offers efficient and customer-oriented solutions for all applications around manufacturing of bended parts.

Optimized data handling for every production step

Even if everyone is talking about the same part, different data is often required for the different stages on the way from the drawing to the tested product: CAD data from design, bend programs and bend corrections for manufacturing, test and inspection plans or measurement reports and analysis for quality control. But these records are not always 100% compatible.

Sometimes a certain radius cannot be produced and will be changed in preparation for production through a different radius that is more readily available. Or a free formed shape has to be approximated by straights and curves. In these situations new, parallel data sets with deviations from the original data are created.

This is the approach of the AICON BendingStudio: BendingStudio combines all data belonging to a certain part and allows manufacturers to monitor, quantify, visualize and document all changes in the different process steps. All data stays combined and nothing gets lost.

The right solution for every user

The users in the various process steps can have quite different requirements. While measuring parts during production, the user wants to see only those parts that are actually bended and perform a measurement with just a click of a button and see all important results at a glance.

In process planning and analysis however, complex data must be clearly displayed and edited. BendingStudio provides a tailored environment for each user according to his individual needs.

Best practices for both measurement and manufacturing

Whether a bended part is found to be acceptable also depends on the evaluation method used. The type of inspection features used as well as the predefined alignment method can have significant impact on the deviations shown.

BendingStudio closes this gap: A part can have different measurement plans assigned. Thus, both the requirements of the drawing as well as certain mounting conditions can be displayed from the same measurement. Subsequently even enhanced analyses can be performed using stored measurement data.

Easy handling – many possibilities

BendingStudio utilizes with a simple and clearly structured handling concept. In addition, many small tools ease the daily work in all areas of bended part manufacturing. For example, it is possible to construct bend data from center line data. Or, before applying corrections, the effects of a modifi ed bending program can be simulated. And all this is done in a very simple and quick way.

Fit for the future

The data concept of BendingStudio is already prepared for future applications, thus securing your investment. Regardless of whether the connection to different measurement systems is planned, the integration of new manufacturing technolgies or the addition of new applications around bending like end forming and assembly management are future projects – BendingStudio by AICON 3D Systems offers a platform for the optimized integration of all data and processes for bended parts.

About you
About your company

BendingStudio connects:

  • Process planning, quality control and manufacturing
  • Metrology and bending machines
  • Part inspection and statistical process control
  • Prototyping and serial production

Your Benefits:

  • Effective data handling
  • One software for all users
  • Faster from drawing to part
  • Higher productivity
  • Interconnected data access

BendingStudio | Modular Structure

 Software packages
 OFFLINE  Additional license, includes the same modules as the main license 

 BASE  Part database, editor, material database, user management
 GAUGE  Virtual gauge, sheath tolerance for centerline and bending points
 INSPECT  Inspection of functional dimensions
 BD-CLASSIC  Calculation of bending data with fixed bending radius
 BRANCH  Measurement of branched tubes with multiple classically bended components
 STATISTIC  Evaluation of measurement series, process monitoring
 REPORT  Viewer, report generation
 FLEX-STANDARD  Deflection correction for classically bended tube components
 FLEX-STRETCH  Stretching of hose components
 ASSEMBLY  Position and location of fixings, flanges, and attachments; management of measuring tools, includes module ELBOW
 ELBOW  Tube end-point measurement with straight-on and elbow adapters
 BUILD  Design of bending programs from measurement or CAD data
 SERVER/DATA-SERVICE  Data storage and service on external server; data access on BendingStudio data bases either on different workplaces or on main server

 QS-STAT  Export of measurement results in DFQ file format (qs-Stat®)
 IGES Export
 Export of tube geometries in IGES
 STEP Export
 Export of tube geometries in STEP
 CAD-WIZARD  Import of IGES/STEP data; automatic or interactive extraction of bending data
 BD-CORRECT  Calculation of bending corrections with fixed radii, adaption of corrections, simulation, data export for connection to bending machines
 BD-FREEFORM  Calculation of freeform bending programs, adaption of corrections, simulation, data export for connection to bending machines

Subject to change without notice.

Tube and Wire Inspection Solutions Brochure
Bilfinger uses MoveInspect + BendingStudio to inspect tubes and pipes with large diameters.

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