Ultra-High Accuracy CMMs

For applications that require extreme precision, ultra-high accuracy coordinate measuring machine (CMMs) offer the accuracy needed to handle complex geometries.

Decisively More Accurate

Ultra-high accuracy CMMs are highly-precise, premium measuring machines that ensure product quality is at its highest level – even for the most complex parts.

The ability to carry out very demanding measurements with sub-micron accuracy makes Hexagon’s ultra-high accuracy CMMs a well-proven solution for metrology institutes and calibration laboratories as well as a variety of industrial applications. Ultra-high accuracy CMMs are used in areas such as automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering and wherever special geometries must be measured with the utmost precision.

Every ultra-high accuracy CMM can be equipped with a wide range of technologies to fulfil individual requirements. Different tactile and optical sensors, simultaneous 4-axis scanning, and an extensive range of individually configurable software options are only the beginning of the systems’ potential.

Leitz PMM-C

The Leitz PMM-C is a fixed bridge/moving table-type coordinate measuring machine.

Leitz PMM-Xi

The Leitz PMM-Xi brings together maximised flexibility for multipurpose applications and highly accurate 3D metrology performance, enabling the use of a wide variety of...

Leitz Infinity

Highest precision and reliability – the Leitz Infinity is the most accurate 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) within its class and enables the combination of...

Leitz Reference HP

The high-precision Leitz Reference HP series of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) with a moving bridge are ideal inspection centres for complex measuring tasks. By...

Leitz Reference Xi

The Reference Xi series continues the Leitz hallmark of high accuracy scanning performance.

Related Technologies

Ultra-high accuracy CMMs can be adapted into solutions for specific applications with a range of complementary technologies.

SENMATION for Automated Sensor Change

Offering fully-automatic sensor exchange within a part program, the SENMATION universal sensor exchange system transforms coordinate measuring machines (CMM) into...

Roughness Measurement with PROFILER R

PROFILER R enables quick and easy inspections of surface profile with a coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Non-Contact Measurement of Metallic Surfaces with HP-O

Optimised for the measurement of metallic surfaces, HP-O optical sensors provide highly-accurate results with high-speed.

Optical Measurements with PRECITEC Sensors

PRECITEC optical sensors can measure challenging surface contours and materials types like glass and mirror like surfaces using non-contact, highly-accurate technology.

Rotary Tables

Rotary tables extend ultra-high accuracy CMM capabilities and enable 4-axis scanning. They are ideal for measuring highly complex parts with minimal number of probe changes.

QUINDOS Metrology Software

QUINDOS is ideal for complex measurement of components in automotive, aerospace and machine tool industries.

Customer Success

See how Hexagon customers are benefitting from Ultra-High Accuracy CMMs

Measurement at the Cutting Edge

When it comes to high-precision measurement, slow processes and conventional measuring technology can strain patience and efficiency. Learn how Stihl accelerated its...

Ready for Departure

Learn how MTU utilises the Leitz PMM-C coordinate measuring machine to perform complex quality inspection on high-pressure compressor components.

A Highly Efficient Metrology Team

See how the blade production department at Siemens AG Steam Turbines utilises Hexagon’s Leitz SIRIO and QUINDOS software to improve efficiency. 


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Gantry CMMs

The largest stationary gantry- and bridge-type 3D coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence will give you gargantuan performance.

Leitz SIRIO Xi

Leitz SIRIO coordinate measuring machines have a long tradition of high-end technology in production metrology. The genes inherited by the youngest member of the SIRIO...

Enhanced Productivity Series CMMs

The Enhanced Productivity Series combines various technologies tailored to address your production challenges ranging from increased measurement throughput to extended...