End User/Software License Agreements

Metrology Software 

PC-DMIS  English  French  German  Italian  Spanish  Chinese
Inspire  English 
Spatial Analyzer  English
QUINDOS  English  German
I++ Simulator  English
Inspect  English
REcreate  English  
Other Hexagon Metrology Software not listed above  English
Third Party Metrology Software
PolyWorks (from Innovmetric Software Inc.)  English

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Q-DAS Terms and Conditions  English

Production Software

Hexagon Production Software includes CNC simulation software, factory automation solutions and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD CAM) packages, including ALPHACAM, CABINET VISION, DESIGNER, EDGECAM, ESPRIT, FASYS, JAVELIN, MACHINING STRATEGIST, MACHINE TOOL BUILDER,  NCSIMUL, NCSIMUL | Publisher, NCSIMUL | Tool, SIMNC, SMIRT, SURFCAM, SURFCAM TRADITIONAL, VISI, WORKNC, WORKNC DENTAL, WORKPLAN and WORKXPLORE software.  

The following End User License Agreements apply for the above Hexagon Production Software:

Software Versions 2022.0 to present English  French  German  Italian Japanese Portuguese Spanish
Software Versions 2020.1 to 2021.1  English  French  German  Italian Japanese Portuguese Spanish
CABINET VISION 12.1 to 2021.1   Same EULAs as 2020.1 to 2021.1 above
ESPRIT TNG 4.8, ESPRIT 2021 R2, to present English French  German  Italian Japanese Portuguese Spanish ESPRIT TNG 4.7, ESPRIT 2021 R1, and earlier English


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