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Dynamic measurements in material testing

More detailed and precise calculation

MoveInspect HF acquires dynamic processes three-dimensionally and analyzes them with respect to geometric changes.

"Since 2007 we have relied on non-contact measurement systems from AICON. For the first time ever MoveInspect HF enables us to carry out 3D deformation analyses also in case of destructive testing. Thanks to the high-performance modular system we are able to measure 3D deformations in a range from 0.001 mm up to 0.1 mm. The measuring results enable us to detect cracks and calculate the crack widths in a much more detailed and precise way."

Dirk Jesse, Institute of Concrete Structures at Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Rotor blade testing at Fraunhofer Institute IWES
Innovative life-cycle monitoring with MoveInspect HF

MoveInspect HF allows real-time monitoring of results even for a prolonged testing period and offers significant advantages in comparison to commonly used cable pull potentiometers.

"We are surprised by the cost saving offered by MoveInspect HF. Compared to our former measuring system, the cable pull potentiometers, the time required for installation for each new trial is reduced by 30 minutes. Since a large number of employees is required every time, personnel cost have been significantly lowered already for this reason. Furthermore, it is no more necessary to convert the obtained displacements. Our new MoveInspect HF presents the results directly in a rectangular system of coordinates, considerably speeding up the analysis."

Falko Bürkner, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES, Bremerhaven, Germany

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AICON MoveInspect HF4

The optical portable coordinate measuring machine AICON MoveInspect HF4 captures dynamic processes such as movement or deformation three-dimensionally and analyses them...