Leica B-Probe

Ultra-Portable Entry-Level Probing System

The perfect match: A handheld probing tool for the Leica Absolute Tracker AT403. The Leica B-Probe can gather hidden 3D points in a measurement volume of 20 m (ø). For very large structures that require highly accurate measurements, the volume can be extended within a working volume of 320 m (ø) with virtually no loss in probing accuracy by completing a laser tracker move station.

Leica B-Probe at a glance:
  • 20 m probing volume (ø)
  • Accuracy Uxyz = ± 0.2 mm over full range
  • Relocation volume of up to 320 m (ø)
  • Ultra-portable small footprint system architecture
  • 6 hours typical runtime on one battery charge
  • Compatible with Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 


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Hand-Luggage Metrology Solution
Consequent pursuit of portability: the entire laser tracker weighs only 8 kg and fits into a micro-car or a hand luggage bin.

Size Does Not Matter
The Leica B-Probe can gather hidden 3D points in a measurement volume of 20 m around the Leica Absolute Tracker AT403. With endless telescope rotation, the Leica AT403 covers a full 360° horizontal and a 290° vertical dome.

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Leica Absolute Tracker AT403

New all-in-one large-volume laser tracker system that sets a new standard for portability, simplicity, robust construction and measurement efficiency.