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Managing continuous quality improvement is a challenge facing many manufacturers. Keeping with new technology and tools is costly, time consuming, and represents a significant training challenge.

Keeping with new technology and tools is costly, time consuming, and represents a significant training challenge. Can you have the best technologies and well trained staff without the huge learning curve? Fortunately, you can. The answer is a new concept called “Metrology Insourcing”. Rather than outsourcing—moving the function off-site—insourcing brings third party metrology experts into your facility on a temporary or a permanent basis to assist with everything from new product launches to complete day-to-day management of the quality department. The most sophisticated insourcing providers will be able to provide a comprehensive package including various levels of skilled labor, plus hardware and software options in a single source contract.

When you insource to a third party, you take advantage of expertise that your internal team may not have built amidst day-to-day demands. Outside experts can help identify new efficiencies with retraining, new technologies and new techniques. An insourcer could even take on your employees as their own, building a new team with inside and outside talent, according to your needs.

Insourcing can make projects you’ve been “meaning to get around to” finally happen. For example, making better use of measuring probes on your machine tools— calculating tool offsets, tool wear, and first article inspection. Or, did you realize that your existing CAD drawings can be embedded with information that allows rapid creation of inspection part programs? Insourcing with experts can make all this possible and more, by bringing in project resources for the design, implementation and training phases only. You save valuable staff resources, and your effective staff can expand and contract according to demand.

Insourcing the quality control function to an expert third party provider like Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence allows manufacturers to concentrate on their core business, and improve their quality capability and technology at the same time.

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