New horizons

Embrace a digital future for aerospace and defence with Hexagon.

With New horizons, Hexagon offers the aerospace and defence industries an opportunity to explore the incredible potential of smart digital manufacturing technologies across key industry focus areas, including:

  • Hypersonics
  • Digital MRO
  • Greener aviation
  • Space
  • Rotorcraft
  • eVTOL

Hexagon’s unrivalled end-to-end software and hardware solutions represent a rich source of competitive gains as aerospace teams seek to reduce manufacturing costs, scrap rates and lead times while also shrinking CO2 emissions with lighter, more advanced materials and components.

The vital challenge of developing a more sustainable future for aerospace demands faster, more agile and automated manufacturing processes. To enable this, Hexagon’s 50+ years of expertise in aerospace combines with industry-leading software and hardware to deliver transformational digital solutions for aerospace and defence manufacturers.

We simplify and accelerate aerospace design and manufacturing while extracting more data to provide deeper analysis of shopfloor processes. The result is better-informed decision-making and a greater ability to predict manufacturing and assembly issues early, instantly reducing scrap levels and costs. Alongside this, Hexagon’s solutions seamlessly integrate new technologies such as additive manufacturing and true digital twins, empowering the industry to deliver the seismic change needed to drive the future of aerospace.

Think bigger, work smarter and look to New horizons.