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Quality control on a Large Scale

Siemens uses MoveInspect DPA for inspection of large-scale gas turbine components

"We wanted photogrammetry to replace conventional measurement methods for quality control and the creation of split joint marks. Our aim was higher accuracy at a reduced workload. This goal has been met by AICON's DPA. Another advantage: The mobility of the system permits process qualification and quality control at the suppliers' premises."

Bernhard Gauger, Siemens AG, Berlin, Germany

3D inspection of large volume objects - optical measurement with DPA
High reliability und time advantage combined with mobility

"Our engineering company takes care about a variety of geometric measurement tasks in different areas of machine building. The measurements always involve large volume objects with high accuracy requirements. For us, a distinct portability of a measurement system is very important due to our worldwide activities. Moreover, we put emphasis on low uncertainty of measurement, reliability of the system under rough conditions, time efficiency, and automation in case of repeated measurements. All these points are very well covered by AICON's measurement system DPA. As a consequence, we could successfully realize several projects, e.g. in the wind energy sector and in the railway industry, with the help of this photogrammetry system."

Wolfgang Steindorf, Engineering Company Schenk & Steindorf GbR, Dresden, Germany

Made-to-measure rotor blades
Enormous time and cost advantage

„With the hand-held DPA we are able to perform fast 3D measurement of our flanges. In addition to the speed, measurement within the processing machine is another great advantage. In the past we had to change the position of the blade for the measurement and then restore it. This is a very time consuming process, which can now be omitted thanks to AICON‘s DPA. The short measurement times enable us to use the DPA for further measurement tasks in the future.“

Andy Arndt, ENERCON GmbH, Magdeburg, Germany

3D measurement on the spot optical measurement with DPA
Highest accuracy level is guaranteed

The young and dynamic company Yachtglass is based in Dersum, just a few kilometers from the Dutch border. Yachtglass offers customers a world wide digital 3D measurement service, measuring the most complicated shapes and forms. For this, the company applies AICON´s DPA system, a portable CMM that uses a digital camera for data collection. Digital measurements, mounting and sealing will be carried out on location according to a scheduled appointment.

"Thanks to AICON's DPA system we can guarantee the highest accuracy level possible, assuring the customer's glass will fit like a glove. Furthermore, we are able to reproduce every single glass ever made."

Markus Schulze, Yachtglass GmbH & Co. KG, Dersum, Germany

Vehicles under challenging climatic conditions

EDAG Engineering GmbH uses MoveInspect DPA to carry out deformation analyses in climate chambers on vehicle prototypes and components.

"Deformation analysis, gap measurements - all this is no longer a problem thanks to the DPA. We can now solve our measurement tasks with high precision and speed. The non-contact measurement ensures that the test object is not changed by contact. Our colleagues in Ingolstadt have already been using AICONs DPA for a long time - another advantage, because measurement results within EDAG are compatible."

Michael Annuß, EDAG Engineering GmbH, Wolfsburg, Germany

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DPA Professional

DPA Professional is a handheld digital camera-based photogrammetry system that allows for both production control and monitoring on the spot.