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by Andrew Scarella on November 17, 2016 From Ask The Experts

From the Stationary Line- Higher Level of Precision on the Shop Floor

In an ideal world, every manufactured part would come off the production line adhering perfectly to the design specification.  The reality, however, is that manufacturing is not perfect and measurement of parts is required in almost every industry to ensure that parts adhere to design intent. As part tolerances tighten, significant investments in time and equipment must to be made to ensure the organization remains productive.  A simple solution to this bottleneck is to move your measuring equipment as close to the production line as possible. But this presents a new set of problems. Shop floors are subject to higher vibrations, limited on available space for equipment, and air quality is less than perfect.  

To help solve some of these challenges, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has released a Shop Floor package specific to the GLOBAL Advantage and Performance CMM 5.7.5 and 7.10.7 frame sizes. To save valuable floor space, the package includes a modified stand to house the PC and probe controllers with an articulating arm that mounts to the monitor and keyboard.  LED lights are affixed to the tower to provide the user with the system status at a glance, along with heavy bellows on the travel axis to provide protection from airborne particles. In addition to the package, isolation systems are available for both frame sizes to maintain machine accuracy even in a production environment with lots of floor vibration.  

From the Vero Line-  User Experience & Piece Management Top VISI’s Latest Enhancements

Significant developments in CAD and CAM functionality in the latest release of VISI, from Vero Software, provides users with additional speed and quality throughout their design and machining processes. 

VISI Brand Manager Massimo Vergerio states, “CAD updates in VISI 2017 R1 are focusing on the user experience and adding enhancements that allow customers to speed up their design process.”

Examples of these include:

  • Speed improvement to the picking process with support for dynamic ‘drag & drop’ capabilities.
  • Dynamic zoom to and from an area on the screen by holding down the space bar. This is particularly valuable to zoom in on a particular aspect of a large component on screen.
  • Intelligent chaining features for joining wireframe elements together.
  • Single right hand mouse click to confirm commands, instead of ticking a box with a keystroke.   

For CAM, an update to geometry management means individual pieces are no longer limited by a specific project. “It gives greater freedom in picking the piece, obstacle or stock, allowing any combination. This is also used for picking faces and face lists, all managed in a much more user-friendly interface, and driven inside the operation itself. Everything is now linked to the operation, not the project, and all geometry is managed interactively, picking the specific pieces or faces that we want to machine”, states Vergerio.

To learn more about these updates, check out
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The Tech Corner- How do I measure a gap using vision if the gap isn’t always there?

Measuring an easy to spot gap is simple: you just measure each side of the gap with a vision edge point or vision line and dimension the distance between the two features. But what if on some parts the gap isn’t present? If PC-DMIS fails to detect an edge, then the measurement feature will fail and give you a “No Edge Detected” error.

So what do you do to setup your program so that when it fails, the measurement program keeps going and you have valid data for your dimensions? Find out in this article on Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s support portal.

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