Yang Zhanli

Leica Application Engineer | Qingdao | China

The eagle has the longest life expectancy in birds, reaching up to 70 years old, but this is not guaranteed. Instead, eagles must make a difficult decision to commit to drastic and painful change or risk dying young. I believe Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is that eagle, continuously learning new skills and making necessary changes to continue flying in the broad sky as a global leader in metrology and manufacturing solutions.

Every day at Hexagon is lived according to our core values, focused on improving the service offered from the company to employees, and from employees to customers. Our business is developing market-leading hardware and software that will change the world of tomorrow. Hexagon recognises that this isn’t possible without innovative and cohesive teams and continues to nurture and develop employees throughout their time with the business.

I have been with the business since July 2017 and feel honoured to be a part of this inclusive team working for a company who are committed to my continued progression. Since I joined the company, I have received a wide range of training ensuring I am working to the best of my ability. For several months I was immersed in an ocean of knowledge, being guided along the path of discovery. My manager and my knowledgeable team of peers were on hand at each stage of my training to ensure I had the support and base knowledge needed to eventually work independently. I am now able to fix many different problems for our customers without any assistance, knowing that I am ready to do so, which is a wonderful feeling. 

I firmly believe attitude is everything. That positive people who enjoy life and are generally happy, will prove to be more successful than those who aren’t. I always try to show my greatest enthusiasm for work, improve my ability, create infinite possibilities and in turn make greater progress in life. Hexagon supports me through each stage, regular discussions with my manager give me advice and direction to get ever closer to achieving my goals and striving for the next challenge. My confidence has continued to grow since I joined the company and I have achieved an ideal way of working, that gives me the optimum work-life balance.

Be determined to achieve your goals: Be part of Hexagon.