Daniel Potiska

Sales Representative | Germany | EMEA

My Hexagon career began in 2015. At that time I was studying my Bachelor of Engineering degree when I secured an internship in Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division’s Research and Development department. I went from there to study technical sales (Master of Engineering), while working my way up to a Sales Representative position. 

As an engineering student, I aspired to working for a future-oriented, dynamic company that offered market-leading technology. That’s definitely what I got with Hexagon.

My day-to-day work is primarily focused on bringing in orders with new and existing clients in Germany. The purpose of my role is to generate business across Hexagon’s coordinate measuring machine (CMM) portfolio. Our range of CMMs is substantial and varied to meet different customer needs. Plus our R&D teams are always innovating CMM technology, so we are regularly releasing new CMM products that advance the field. This makes my work both incredibly interesting because the technology is always developing and satisfying because we always have a solution any potential manufacturer. And securing a new client is a great feeling!

Over the years I’ve been at Hexagon, I’ve built strong relationships with colleagues; there’s a real sense at Hexagon that you are working among friends and family. Another thing I love about Hexagon is how the company gives young people great career and professional development opportunities. The company’s belief in its teams, the culture here, and of course the game-changing technology are testament to the fact that Hexagon is a future-ready company in every sense of the word.  

On Hexagon’s About Us page are four powerful words: empowering an autonomous future. These words express Hexagon’s vision for a world where data is leveraged autonomously so business, industry and humanity can sustainably thrive. But they also speak to my experience of working at Hexagon: I’ve been empowered by the leadership; I work with a great deal of autonomy; and I feel secure in my future at Hexagon. 

If you’re interested in innovative technology, want to be part of a future-proof company, and learn something new every day, then Hexagon could be the place for you.

Be a part of making a sustainable future. Be part of Hexagon.