Akash Limbachia

Training Support Engineer

An interest in CAD/CAM software was what first drew me to an internship at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

But once I joined the company, I quickly discovered what an incredible grounding Hexagon gives you in the way different software programmes fit together to support and automate design, engineering and manufacturing.

I’m in the production software division, which gave me training in six software programmes during the internship. There’s a lot to take in, which can be challenging, but if you’re interested in what you can do with software then it’s an amazing opportunity to experiment with different features and functionalities and ask questions of technical experts.
Since I started my interests have branched out from CAD/CAM and opened my mind to lots of potential career routes that I hadn’t even imagined.

My experience at Hexagon has also got me thinking about customers’ needs and how a company working with sheet metal might need a different solution from one working with another material like wood.

But what I most enjoy about Hexagon is the people. The working environment is fun, and I’ve learnt a lot from listening to the perspective of more experienced people.

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