Industrialising additive manufacturing’s future 
If you want to add layer upon layer of capability to manufacturing, pause a moment to peek over the edge of what’s possible. Explore a more powerful and scalable way to harness additive manufacturing. Take a journey into an industrialised future with Hexagon. 


Explore a simpler way to harness industrialised additive manufacturing

‘I am’ stands for Industrialised Additive Manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing (AM) has an exciting future, full of possibility. Across multiple industries, from defence to medical to automotive, AM is at the point of breaking away from its niche of rapid prototyping to offer extraordinary geometry and material versatility at greater volumes.

But taking AM to the next level of scaled-up, industrialised manufacturing requires strong, forward-thinking partnerships to realise its power and potential through smart manufacturing technology.

Hexagon’s solutions build end-to-end frameworks for scalable AM production. We understand the unique challenges of AM and have the smart manufacturing technology to assist you, making your processes more cost-efficient and connected.

It’s time to turn up the volume and say ‘I am ready’ for faster, smarter and more sustainable production with industrialised additive manufacturing from Hexagon.

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Additive manufacturing stands at the forefront of industrialisation. Where the technology previously developed as an efficient method for creating prototypes on a small scale, manufacturers now recognise the enormous potential benefits of industrial scale AM production runs. Reduction of energy costs, weight and material waste are all much sought-after and represent attributes inherent to additive manufacturing processes.