“This is the perfect playground for factory managers to rethink traditional approaches and directly establish a smart manufacturing infrastructure for AM operations, considering latest industry 4.0 and digitisation trends.”

Harness industrialised additive manufacturing and get set for the future

How can smart manufacturing help deliver the necessary improvements to propel additive manufacturing (AM) towards full industrialisation? 

Hexagon’s latest whitepaper ‘5 + 1 approach towards scalability and increased efficiencies’ examines the current challenges with cost, timescales and design, highlighting how better-connected technology and more automated processes can deliver the solutions. 

AM technology is being introduced to an increasing array of industries: medical, aerospace & space, defence, machinery, and automotive. Traditionally limited to fast prototyping, AM is now becoming a viable option for full-scale manufacturing, with huge potential benefits for geometry complexity, weight and waste reduction. But there are still common challenges to overcome.

Hexagon’s whitepaper provides a clear snapshot of where AM technology is right now and where it can be taken next with the introduction of smart manufacturing technology.