Get premium scanning capability at over 50% off

Increase your measuring flexibility with the PrimeScan blue light scanner

A 3D scanner inspecting a machined part

In today’s market of increasing customisation and varied application demands, inspection flexibility is key to maintaining competitiveness.

But it’s also easier than ever to introduce 3D scanning technology into your quality processes to quickly and precisely captures a wide range of part surfaces without size limitations.

By pairing your Hexagon coordinate measuring machine with the AICON PrimeScan blue light scanner, you can bring greater portability to your inspection operations.

Easy-to-use and robust, the PrimeScan can capture parts around the shop floor and off-site with high speed and precision. With excellent resolution, PrimeScan is perfect for capturing the finest details.

Both the CMM and blue light system come with PC-DMIS metrology software as standard, making it easy to integrate data for ease-of-use and better decision-making.

Until 25 December 2020, all new and existing Hexagon CMM users have the opportunity to make their metrology smarter with an AICON PrimeScan at below half price.

This promotion gives you the choice of two configurations: 

  • PrimeScan R5 200 mm Volume – 56% off
  • PrimeScan R8 500 mm Volume – 58% off