Hexagon launches next generation, entry-level multisensor coordinate measuring machine

OPTIV Lite 3.2.2 brings high accuracy, speed, and smart technology capability to entry-level optical CMMs

17 November 2020
Hexagon's OPTIV Lite 322 multisensor coordinate measuring machine next to a close up of sensors on the machine
Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has released a new multisensor coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that facilitates smart manufacturing by providing a cost-effective entry point into automated measurement. Fully compatible with a range of Hexagon smart technologies, the OPTIV Lite 3.2.2 is a benchtop CMM designed to deliver a smooth transition from manual to automatic quality methods for greater inspection accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. In addition, the CMM offers connectivity to end-to-end manufacturing solutions for process and product improvements traditionally beyond the scope of entry-level machines.

OPTIV Lite 3.2.2 is purpose-built for quick and precise non-contact and tactile measurement of small parts across a range of industries, including electronics, e-Mobility, precision engineering, and medical. Offering complete traceability of measurement results and a simplified interface for ease-of-use, OPTIV Lite 3.2.2 is ideal for manufacturers looking to seamlessly adopt automated inspection procedures or meet expanding production demands.

OPTIV Lite 3.2.2 is optimised for reliable inspection close to production environments, with its rugged mechanical design, high machine dynamics, and capabilities for precise measurement in a wide temperature range. This lightweight machine offers a small factory footprint and excellent accuracy with its 6x motorised zoom lens with high resolution digital colour camera. Application flexibility can be enhanced with the optional touch-trigger probe HP-TM and the HR-MP probe changer rack that can hold up to three probe modules. Further options include a laser triangulation sensor and a rotary indexing table.

PC-DMIS metrology software comes as standard with OPTIV Lite 3.2.2, and users can increase operational simplicity with Inspect, a stand-alone application that allows production-level operators to easily execute measurement routines using a standard, user-friendly interface. Users can monitor system status remotely using HxGN SFx | Asset Management, enabling quality teams to optimise CMM performance and minimise downtime.

“Manufacturers of all sizes and across all sectors are seeking to automatically capture the data-driven insights that enable smarter, more efficient manufacturing,” says Dr. Tobias M. Weber, Product Manager Vision, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. “OPTIV Lite 3.2.2 doesn’t just offer an affordable entry-point into automated metrology. This CMM allows manufacturers to keep up with the quickly developing smart factory and make potentially cost-saving process improvements, all while ensuring reliable and timely inspection results.”

The launch of OPTIV Lite 3.2.2 complements the release of GLOBAL Lite, a bridge CMM which offers a similarly optimised price/performance ratio. Together these machines form the foundation of Hexagon’s entry-level CMM portfolio.

OPTIV Lite 3.2.2 is now available worldwide. For more information, visit Hexagonmi.com.
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