Hexagon’s new Leitz Reference BX CMM accelerates blade and glass measurement up to 50%

Aerospace and consumer electronics manufacturers now have a specialised tool to address the longstanding challenges of quality measurement in blade and glass applications

19 November 2019
Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division today launched the new Leitz Reference BX coordinate measuring machine (CMM) designed for blade and glass manufacturers. The specialised system combines leading-edge technologies to accurately capture detailed measurement data across the entire surface of a freeform shape, while dramatically reducing cycle time. The CMM's optical white light sensor performs well on matt and reflective surfaces, including glass and polished metal. Its fixed scan probe maintains the high precision needed for critical alignment on the root of turbine and fan blades, and also measures inclined fir tree or dovetail root surfaces, which are not easily accessed by an optical sensor. To learn more about how this innovative solution tackles head on the challenges of the blade industry, read the Hexagon report entitled High-Speed Fan and Turbine Blade Measurement. 

The Leitz Reference BX CMM's integrated rotary table and sensor exchange interface help to reduce cycle time even further by providing accessibility to a part's surfaces without moving the part and reducing inspection delays caused by manually exchanging sensors. The system's combination of an optical white light sensor and fixed scanning probe enables accessibility of hard to reach features such as the curvature of edging on glass, or the profile of a fan blade, while maintaining precision for tight tolerance sections such as the blade root. The CMM's data capture, speed, and flexibility are all enhanced by its integrated rotary table, horizontal sensor alignment and 4-axis scanning delivering a cycle time reduction of up to 50%.

“Manufacturers today are leveraging new and innovative materials for their designs and freeform components, such as carbon fibre in the aerospace sector or 3D glass in the consumer electronics industry,” says Lukas Kaps, Product Manager for the ultra-high accuracy CMM line for Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. “The Leitz Reference BX is the only CMM in the marketplace that addresses the inspection challenges evolving from these exciting trends and advancements. This sophisticated measurement system delivers a complete solution for complex surfaces like the curvature of a smartphone screen or intricate components such as fan and turbine blades.”  

The Leitz Reference BX CMM is available to order immediately from local Hexagon representatives around the world.
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