Blue Light Scanning with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

by Andrew Scarella on March 15, 2016 From Technology

Did you know that optical non-contact measurement devices have been used in the automotive and aerospace industry for the past 15 years?

When this game-changing technology was introduced to the manufacturing industry, they were called “White Light Systems” due to the fact that the light projected on the part was white.

However, over the last 5 years we at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence have seen advancements in light-based measurement technology and as a result we have switched to a Blue Light system. Blue LED, besides being one of the strongest light sources currently available, allows for better filtering of ambient light therefore reducing the noise with point cloud reconstruction.

We know it’s confusing. Our WLS product family, which includes the 400 series and qFlash, have “white light” in the name even though we utilize the technological benefits of blue light. Our WLS machines were so popular, we decided to keep the name and honor the original product!

Our WLS product family utilizes stereo vision technology which has several benefits. First, it thrives under shop floor conditions and sustains vibrations as well as illumination changes during the measurement process.  Second, the WLS system can be mounted on a pedestal, mounted using a retractable Airtex device or even hand held!  And third, when combined with dedicated 2D images, lightning-fast and reliable throughput can be achieved, giving you speed and confidence when it comes to a critical measurement.


Andrew Scarella

Andrew Scarella is the Digital Marketing Manager for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence North America. He contributes to this blog as well as updates the North American website and provides content for the company social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.