Meeting the challenges of inspection and alignment in wind turbine manufacturing

19 August, 03:00 EDT

About this webinar
Wind energy is clean, sustainable and cost effective. Over the past 10 years, cumulative wind power capacity in the United States increased an average of 30% per year, and it is one of the lowest-priced renewable energy technologies available today.

Part inspection is vital in wind energy, and is not limited to checking the final product. Mid-process inspection can reduce scrap while improving productivity, while the same inspection tools can be used to make key alignment tasks faster and safer. Every aspect of the wind energy production process has high potential for efficiency gains by introducing improved inspection methods. Hexagon's wide range of metrology hardware presents a variety of solutions for quality assurance and alignment processes.

Among these solutions, options such as portable 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry stand out for their versatility, accuracy and ability to scale up to the large measurement volumes demanded by many wind energy applications, as well as impressive measurement process times high speed of measurement processing

Who should join?
This webinar is tailored for all professionals who are involved in designing, developing or manufacturing wind turbine components, from blades and drivetrains to stators and towers. We welcome anyone who's interested in learning more about how advanced inspection technology can be applied at multiple points along the design, production and assembly process in wind energy manufacturing.

Thomas Schmid, APAC Regional Product Line Manager