Teknik Makaleler

Buradaki makaleler, çoğu endüstrideki ölçüm uygulamalarında karşılaşılan güçlüklerin teknik çözümlerine odaklıdır. Aynı zamanda, ölçüm ekipmanlarımızın çalışma prensiplerini açıklamaktadırlar.

The History and Evolution of Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM Controllers

Computer numerical control (CNC) is a method for automating the control of machine tools by using dedicated hardware, software and microcomputers. It is commonly used in manufacturing for machining parts and measuring them, through the execution of a part program containing the instructions and parameters the machine tool or probe will follow, such as the feed rate and the axes speed and position. 

The Difference Between a Certified Preowned and a Used CMM

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Preowned CMM division's goal is to take the "used" feeling out of the used CMM buying experience. We don't believe in bait-and-switch tactics, selling old software or computers, and not backing up each and every purchase with parts and service availability, technical support, training and a warranty.


Lazer Takip Sistemi Teknolojisindeki Gelişmeler

Lazer takip teknolojisi gelişmeye devam etmekte ve her zamankinden daha fazla beceri ve işlevsellik sunmaktadır.

Machine Shop Inspection To Go

There is a lot of exciting new hardware and software technology coming out of the world of portable measurement. These systems are more accurate and easier to use than their predecessors.

Measure it Fast: Inspection Speed Through Automation

Given the choice, manufacturing professionals would always choose faster – a faster processor, device, or machine – as long as crucial factors like price and accuracy remained constant.

Measurement Technologies Step Up to Production Machining Needs

With the evolution of this machinery and their related processes, manufacturers of high-to-medium volume turned parts are facing increased inspection requirements in terms of frequency, feature measurement, and production statistics, as well as rising accuracy specifications.

Model Based Definition Promises Big Dividends for Quality Assurance

In the long evolution of 3D CAD, you would not think innovative progress is possible at this point. Take Model Based Definition, or MBD, a term and methodology long tossed around by software developers and the aerospace industry.

Multisensor Metrology Comes of Age

If you were to ask a typical user in the industry what “Multisensor Metrology” means, you are likely to get a variety of answers.

Modern Day Metrology Surpasses Trial And Error

Tube and pipe bending shops are a rare breed in the manufacturing industry and they face important challenges exclusive to their discipline. Measuring the very tubes and pipes they bend is one such challenge. In this industry, accuracy counts. A tube that does not meet specifications will likely head to the scrap bin, as it won’t have the proper clearance to mate-up and connect with subcomponents. Market forces demanding tighter tolerances and better costs are forcing tube and pipe benders to rethink their processes and improve accuracies as well. Advancements in measurement technology designed specifically for this application can increase productivity and precision while dramatically reducing scrap rates.

System Integration

The Hexagon Metrology Special Systems Group (SSG) is a dedicated team within Hexagon Metrology that does design, system integration and project management for custom and semi-custom integrations of coordinate metrology products with other manufacturing technology.

The Leica Absolute Interferometer

Leica Geosystems was the first laser tracker manufacturer to put an ADM into a laser tracker. The introduction of the LTD500 in 1995 revolutionized the way that laser trackers were used. If the beam was interrupted the operator no longer had to return to a known location to “reset” the IFM distance.

Coordinate Measuring Machine Accuracy on the Shop Floor

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) accuracy is dependent upon the ambient thermal environment in which it operates. Changes in temperature cause the scales, machine structure and artifacts being measured to expand, contract, and, in some cases, distort in a non-linear manner.

Tracking Progress - Re-evaluating Laser Tracker Technology

Laser trackers have long been the portable metrology tools of choice for companies serving the aerospace, automotive and other large-scale manufacturing sectors.

Using a CMM for Gear Inspection

What are the benefits of using a CMM for gear inspection, and what types of gears can be inspected? PC-DMIS software supports and enables the gear inspection process.

Leitz Ölçüm Makineleriyle Dişli Ölçümü

CMM'ler doğru şekilde donatıldığında, dişlileri ölçmek için ideal bir araçtır. Genel amaçlı ölçüm sisteminin esnekliğini, özelleştirilmiş problama ve yazılımla birleştirerek tamamen işlevsel dişli ölçüm merkezlerine dönüşürler.

Geometrik Ölçülendirme ve Toleranslamanın (GD&T) Rolü ve Değer Önermesinden Yararlanma

Bu ürün bilgileri, PC-DMIS ölçüm yazılımını destekleyen özelliklerle birlikte, mühendislik standartlarını ve Geometrik Ölçülendirme ve Toleranslamanın (GD&T) faydalarını açıklar.

How to Select a CMM

The Right CMM Makes All the Difference In Measuring Operations.

Insourcing Quality Control

Managing continuous quality improvement is a challenge facing many manufacturers.

Linking Barcode Technology to Quality Control

Few could have guessed that chewing gum would usher in an era of streamlined production, reduced costs, and unparalleled traceability. However, in June 1974, a 10 pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit did just that as it became the first product scanned with a universal product code (UPC).


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